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Hi everyone. I am new here and I am not sure whether I need to introduce myself first.
To make it short, I have just bought a refurbished Fuji XF 14mm lens from and after taking a few pictures in my garden, I am under the impression that the pictures taken with this copy are not quite right, soft and contrasty. I am not sure though, as I am not familiar with lanscape and wide angle lenses whatsoever.
What do you guys think?
Picture taken at F16, 1/60, iso 100 on a tripod
A few photos taken this week with a X-H1 and 16-55 f2.8
Edit with Alien Skin Exposure X3
1: Portrait with natural light
2: Garden Bench
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You and Your Beautiful Eyes
Idah ~ Apenheul / Netherlands
X-H1 | XF100-400 | XF1.4xTC
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on X-Pro1. Nothing great artistically but I like what I'm seeing, and, learning to really enjoy MF again. Apertures not recorded, used F4 and F8 primarily, Provia and Pro Neg Hi Fuji presets via LR CC, Velvia for the exterior street shot. Appreciate Hildebrandts' letting me indulge in my hobby.
Hildebrandts, a family grocery established in 1879 in Augusta, GA, US. Family has maintained premises and presence but over years city activity located elsewhere. Today the grocery is a delicatessen, original location, and family continuing the effort to remain a viable business with a strong local following and menu selections you'll not find elsewhere.
21mm Color Skopar F-4 X-Pro1-1.JPG
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The Danforth, a major Toronto East-West road, saw a mass shooting of people eating at outdoor, sidewalk restaurants on the night of July 22, 2018. The shooter killed two people (an 18 year old woman and a 10 year old girl) and wounded thirteen before the police shot the gunman dead.
Toronto, one of the safest of the world's large cities was shocked. The shooting occurred shortly before the annual "Wheels on the Danforth" street festival. Its organizers were concerned that attendance would drop because of fear. However, the event went as planned this past weekend, with large crowds. My wife and I attended, ate a lot of the excellent food, and I took photos of the Greystone band that sang and played their hearts out on the main stage. (X-T2 with 18-135 lens)
More photos in the reply below.
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Hello! I am so happy that i have received such a nice welcome. I want to share some pictures that i found to be interesting, pictures from a short trip to Venice. Now, 4 milion people walk in that city every month, so it is impossible to do street photography ( too crowded in my opinion). On the other hand, taking pictures of a landscape/cityscape is so “burned out”. I tried to take some pictures with a slight different perspective...and with a more agressive crop factor. Anyway, there is nothing new under the sun. Please share your critics and suggestions.
Gear used: Fuji xt20, XF 14mm, ND1000, minor Lightroom adjustments.
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A couple of shots from different angles and exposure times of the view from Saltburn towards Redcar.
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Hi I have a Fujifilm HS50 EXR it has come up with lens control error any ideas how to get rid of this? any help would be great thanks none of the answers on other sites are not coming up with this camera only X models…
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Has anyone used the 16mm F1.4 with an IR filter and is there a hotspot?…
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X-T1, 90mm f/2
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I recently got a new BenQ SW271 monitor (refurbished). Overall, it's a fantastic monitor, but differences in the various calibration profiles leave me a little puzzled.
The monitor comes with factory-calibrated 'AdobeRGB' and 'sRGB' profiles. In addition, I created AdobeRGB and sRGB profiles with my i1 Display colorimeter, which are stored in the monitors hardware as 'Calibration 1' and 'Calibration 2' (the validation of the profiles yielded passing grades with deltaE < 2). The monitor's controls allow to quickly and conveniently switch between all these different profiles. Now AdobeRGB of course has a wider color gamut than sRGB, but I wouldn't expect to see striking differences between the two with images that were taken using the sRGB color space. However, switching between the 'AdobeRGB' and the 'sRGB' factory profiles shows striking differences. The 'AdobeRGB' profile looks actually quite dazzling and spectacular (bright and punchy colors), whereas the 'sRGB' profile looks a bit more muted (but closer to what I'm used to with my old (non-calibrated) laptop display). Now, looking at my 'Calibration 1' and 'Calibration 2' profiles, they are much closer to each other, but also show the more muted look of the factory 'sRGB' profile. I'm not quite sure, what to make of this and in particular, given the stark difference between the factory and home calibrated 'AdobeRGB' profile - which one to trust?
Would appreciate, if someone with the same monitor (or any monitor with factory calibration profiles) could share some insight in how different these profiles are supposed to look…
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C'mon Fuji guys...we really need to implement on-screen and visual indications of the incoming audio level of both external (especially) and internal mics during or at the VERY least, pre-video recording as well as a way to easily manipulate the level on the XH-1. For such a video-centric camera, I simply cannot believe that this isn't a thing that can be pulled up on a whim whilst in video mode..
Forgive me if it can, I haven't been able to find any information on this in the manual or online thus far…
O man, what a beautiful island!
I made a few pictures that i wanted to share with you, hard to make a selection of the many i made.
Most used lens was the 16mm 1.4, i appreciate it even more after this trip.
Most of the time the sun was high in the sky, so golden hour pictures are scarce unfortunately.
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Isn't she lovely
Isn't she wonderful
Isn't she precious
Less than one minute old…
Yepp. Just collected my beauty. Also got me a better strap, slide lite and a pouch for her to linger in while we are roaming about in Norwegian Woods....
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Just give them an X Pro 1 of course :)
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Burj Khalifa, world's tallest building has a lake at its base, that has a musical fountain show every evening, playing to the tune of music from different countries. Its a visual delight and draws a huge crowd. Sharing a few snaps here
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Does anyone use an iPhone as an external monitor for the XH1? How to connect? What app? Can this app also start/stop video recording on the XH1? If iOS is no option: Any cheap Android device?
I know that there are external recorders available with an LCD but I plan to start small with video.
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Hello all,
in the videography section Please login or register to view links about my plans to purchase a gimbal and how to start the video recording on the XH1. Since no gimbal can be connected to the Fujis easily, I think of using a small wired or wireless trigger to start/stop recording. If it's small I could velcro it to the gimbal grip.
1. Bluetooth
There are small Please login or register to view links available on the web. Any experience if I can use them with the XH1? It seem they are only meant to use with a smartphone.
2. Wired
Any recommendation for a small remote trigger? I thinks all Canon compatible triggers (2.5 mm plug) should work but the ones I found are too bulky
3. Fuji remote app or other
I loaded the latest version on my iPhone 6 but triggering the camera is only available when the camera is connected via WIFI, although it is stated that triggering via Bluetooth would be possible.
Using the app with the remote function via WIFI works but the live image in the app is smaller than the camera LCD (no landscape mode in the app on the iPhone). Is there another app that provides a fullscreen live view I can use? I checked out Cascable but it seems to trigger only single shots.
(4. Yongnuo triggers
I could put one of my Yongnuo triggers in the hotshoe, connect it via 2.5 mm cable and use a second one on the handle as trigger but I'd rather dont't want to put something on top of the camera in case I want to use an external microphone.)
Thanks for your input
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Does anybody have any recommendations or suggestions for a loupe to view my X-T1 sensor. I have a spot that looks like a dust bunny that does not want to go away despite a couple of wet cleans and I'm getting annoyed so I want a decent magnifier to at least see what is there.
There are some on ebay in the 6-7x magnification range that run around AUD$45-60 so as I will likely only be using it once every 10 years or so I really don't want to spend $hundreds. Besides I'm told @Richard_M keeps his credit cards permanently maxed out so so I can't do to him what he is always doing to me. :D
I enjoy watching real photographers on YouTube, such as Thomas Heaton and Ben Horne.
Most of the YouTube photographers I have come across that use anything larger then full frame are film photographers. While I appreciate the film approach, I'd like to see a similarly dedicated YouTuber that uses the Gfx50s as their tool oF choice. Anyone know of any?
I know YouTubers aren't everything. I guess I'm slightly concerned that if the Gfx50s is the schnizzle, why isn't it more prevalent online? Or am I just looking in the wrong places? Thanks for your time…
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On Thursday I got my latest lens acquisition, a Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmaster 35mm f/0.95 Mark II. And Friday my X-T2 came back from repair (sensor dust and connection issues with the battery grip).
So, I took advantage of a friends' birthday celebration this Saturday to put it to the test.
It'll take a while to learn how to increase my hit rate with such a fast lens, and as so, most of the early evening shots were missed. The focus was either behind or in front of my subject. I attribute some of this to the fact that being at dinner, most people were sitting nearby, and moving back and forth while chatting, which made for very difficult focusing.
But... the evening went on, and my friends' girlfriend had planned a drag show as the next stop for the evening. This is where these shots come from.
I can honestly say I'm amazed at the clarity of this lens shooting wide open... when you nail your focus!
All photos SooC jpegs, resized in LR. I'll probably take some time at a later date to re-process the raw files to taste and crop... no zoom for you!
I mentioned elsewhere that I am thinking about getting a Ronin S for use with my X-H1.
I was just wondering if anyone here has already done this and any experience that they would like to share.
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Isles of Capri
Marco Island, Florida
May 2018
Fuji X-T2, 10-24mm, 100mm, ISO 200, f/10,
Isles of Capri - Marco Island Florida June 2018.jpg
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XF-60mm f2.4
iso 200
10 (manual focus & manual exposure) exposures
from the bottom edge of the watch face to the top edge
Focus Stack Watch.jpg
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Two week old X-100 F. The camera's meter, when metering an average scene or the back of my hand, leads to a properly exposed image. However the metrics (SS, ISO & f-stop) displayed in the viewfinder are 3 stops different than both a known hand-held meter and metrics from my X-Pro 2 which provide proper exposure on that camera.
Using the metrics from the hand held meter produces under-exposed images on the X-100F, but properly exposed images on the X-Pro2.
Seems like something's amiss w the X-100F. Anyone else have this problem? Resolution? What might I be missing?…
Thank you for all the great information that you share on this forum.
I am a dentist by profession, i live in Romania and have photography as a hobby. I am trying to figure out what suits me better (landscape, street, abstract), but for now i take snapshots on various subjects and emulate ideas from my mentors. I use both digital ( Fuji XT20 with various lenses) and film ( Hasselblad 500 CM and Minolta XD7 with various lenses). I am training my patience and i try to be as minimalistic as possible, even though it is almost impossible, at least with my gear.
I am interested in learning many things and i hope to receive some feedback from the members.
Best regards, Mihnea.
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I have the XH1 and am interested to getting a Zhiyun Crane 2. Since Fuji is not on the list of supported cameras, can I at least start/stop video recording with the gimbal when the camera is connected via cable (which one?). I'm willing to do some hacks and weld together a cable if none of the supplied cables does it. While the remote triggers for Canon (2.5 mm plug) do trigger Fujis, I have some hope about the Canon cable... I know I could mount my iPhone to the gimbal and use the Fuji app as remote but using the trigger on the gimbal would be my #1 choice. Any help is appreciated.
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A few this morning with the 100-400 with 1.4X TC in our flower garden. Processed with Alien Skin Exposure X3, with a sun ray added to the corner of the first shot.
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I joined an online photo club and our first assignment is to shoot a portrait. Since I don't live in a mansion, it was a real pain to set up this shot. I had to move my dining room table and chairs, set up my Lupo light, get my niece dressed and posed in a tutu. And of course, just as I hit the shutter, my dog sneaks in.
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Doesn't seem like this is getting much attention, so I thought I would post it here. I've signed up as well. :)
Limited to 30 participants. As of this posting, still 24 spaces left.
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FUJIFILM Photo Walk with X-Photographer Omar Z. Robles
9:00 - 11:00 AM
Washington, DC
Starting at Pearl Street SW, ending at 930 Wharf Street SW
Join X-Photographer Omar Z. Robles in Washington, DC for a FUJIFILM photo walk in partnership with Please login or register to view links!
Don’t miss this photo walk around Washington’s freshest waterside district. The Wharf is a buzzing new neighborhood on the banks of the Washington Channel featuring waterside views, modern architecture and heaps of regular events and activity. During the walk, Omar will offer advice on capturing the perfect photos with the help of a model.
This photo walk is also a great opportunity for those interested in FUJIFILM X Series or GFX system cameras and lenses, as you will be able to borrow the latest gear during the walk. We will be loaning out the GFX 50S, X-H1, X-T2, X-Pro2, X100F, and other X Series models in limited quantities. Just remember to bring your own SD cards for the event!
If you aren't familiar with Omar Z Robles, check out the youtube videos.

Simple red or many hotpixels ;) (poppies)
X-H1 | XF80
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Orange is the new .....background
X-H1 | XF80 | XF1.4xTC
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This weekend, the Royal de Luxe street performers were in my town
(Please login or register to view links)
An 11m tall, 3000kg giant was walking right along my office :)
A very special event!
More images here: Please login or register to view links
Does anyone using Rawtherapee , Darktable and Gimp ?…
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Used my 55-200mm from a distance.
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sorry can someone help me?
I'm trying to focus bracketing, insert 20 frames, value 10, seconds 0, focus at the nearest point, shot, the last shot should end in 'infinity, but the focus moves very little. I tried different values from 1 to 10 but the result is always the same: 20 frames almost the same with the focus that has moved minimally.
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It was cool and moist last night and the dew has settled on the phlox petals. Fuji X-T2, 18-135mm @ 1/60sec., f8
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