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X-T2; 35mm f/1.4 and JJC macro tubes
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55-200mm lens
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Hard to miss this buoy at Dale, Milford Haven. Decided not to tone down the colour simply because its outrageous impact commanded attention! Definitely getting to like ND filters now after avoiding them as probably too much trouble to use. Cokin 10-stop ND filter on 16mm end of 16-55mm f/2.8, 60 seconds @ f/16 ISO-200:
Dale Bay, Milford Haven_edited-1.jpg
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These hot dusty days have the feel of childhood summers.
A kodak preset captured this nostalgic feeling for me in the garden today.
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Do you also follow some photographers on flickr (or other image sharing sites) who you think should have more followers?
Why not start a thread for them here?
I'll start by pointing you to Monty Montgomery who catches "Life in Oshkosh" in stunning black and white pictures. They are regularly among my absolute favorites! He also happens to be a Fuji photographer (and I think used to be on this forum once in a while).
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Hi, i,ve used Canon DPP for a while now, all i use it for is Highlight/ Shadow adjustment, and its very simple to use. I have been using Fuji X-T1 and X-T10 for over a year now just shooting JPGs because they come out so well. I decided to try shooting in RAW, but i cannot get the hang of the Silkypix Shadow/ Highlight control. Is there an easier RAW converter i could use. I have read the help files but they dont make much sense to me. I love the Fuji system so much i have hardly used my Canon gear. If someone out there could help me i would appreciate it very much. Mike…
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We attended the 134th Durham Miner's Gala a little under a week ago. A stirring socialist celebration with colourful banners, brass and pipe bands and political speeches.
X-T1 with 18-55
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Doesn't look like a lot but I love the fact these guys crank out improvements as fast as they do:

  • Fix of "WRITE ERROR" appeared in rare cases

  • Fix of going back to initial setting screen in rare cases

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ALSO: Has anyone seen this viewfinder? I tried looking on the fuji website but couldn't find was on their IG feed with no mention. Are they just teasing us?
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Just ordered one of these off of Amazon, UK £72. Meant to be a fairly good portrait lens, slightly soft at the edges, but sharp in the middle. First time ever buying a chinese non fuji lens, but do have some Meike auto macro tubes for Nikkor 1 which are excellent. I actually won £80 in a world cup sweep stake, so really not in theory spending any of my own cash :)
Obviously there is no lens profile for these in, so I suppose will just have to have a play with settings and create a preset.
Arrives tuesday at the latest, so will post up a few images when arrives. Anyone else possess one?…
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Here’s a link to the long awaited X-P2 firmware but there are T2, H1 updates and more.
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Just come across this article which I find very interesting. In 1997 photographer Please login or register to view links taught basic camera techniques at Sarajevo’s Bjelave orphanage and sent the children off to capture their city. This year he returned to see how their lives had unfolded.
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Random street photos using acros preset and applied some HDR look via LR…
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Picked up an old photo magazine the other day with "5 Classic Shots everyone should try" on the front cover. One of them was the use of various ND filters with items projecting into into the sea, lakes etc, including the well-known wooden landing stage in the Lake District. The nearest I could get locally was this groyne in Fishguard harbour, North Pembrokeshire. I tried several with exposures varying from 30 seconds to 2 minutes 45 seconds; this one at 30" @ f/16 was probably the most successful, taken looking north just after sunset: - X-H1 @ 16mm f/16. With longer exposures and the incoming tide encroaching on the tripod legs I found a definite slight drift of focus with what must have been imperceptible movement of the fine shingle transferred to the tripod.
Groyne Abergwaun_edited-3.jpg
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I decided to upgrade my laptop rather than replace it. I decided to put in an SSD drive. The problem I had was that my existing hard drive was 500GB whereas the SSD I bought (Kingston SUV500) is 240GB. My plan was to increase overall disk space by using a spare 500GB drive I had and install it in a caddy that will fit into the DVD drive space once I've taken that out. I'll simply use the SSD for the operating system and application software. I decided to clone the old drive onto the new one and used Macrium Reflect software to do so. It can cope with cloning a larger drive to a smaller one. I stuck the SSD into a USB caddy and did the cloning.
It all went well and the time to boot up and access applications has reduced drastically. The only issue I've had so far is Corel Aftershot Pro 3 failed to start but after a repair it's now working fine - though is taking longer to export to PSP 2018 than before. Everything else is working well, Excel opens from scratch in 2 seconds as does Word. Also from start up to stable desktop is 15 seconds. Not bad for a 5 year old laptop running Windows 10…
Apenheul / Netherlands
X-H1 | XF100-400
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I just bought an x100f and I am looking for a well-made leather half-case for it. Do you all have any recommendations? Thanks!…
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After going back and forth for awhile, I finally took the plunge and bought an X100F from a user from this forum. I’ve always been a bit of a customization nut, so I knew I had to try and do something different with my new camera.
The original leatherette has been stripped off was replaced with red alligator embossed pigskin. It’s a bit stiff around the viewfinder lever, but all in all I am super happy with the result. I have a red strap and a red aluminum thumbgrip coming in too to round out the build.
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Just a simple snap taken at Dungeness Kent UK of one of the many old boats on the beach that have just been Left To Rot.
In the background you can see a few other things scattered around the beach that have just been Left Behind.
I'm also working on a personal project called Things Left Behind and this will be one of the shots included.
X-T2, 10-24mm Lens, 1/420th @ F8, ISO-200, Monopod.
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Thank you for looking.,
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Fuji X-T2; 90mm f/2; 11mm and 16mm JJC extension tubes
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Can anyone recommend a resizing app for iPad, to be used solely for posting photos to the forum with minimal loss of quality? By and large, I prefer not to post process! Your advice will be appreciated…
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Shot with my XPro1 with the Rokinon 8mm fisheye. 30 second exposure f5.6 I think, ISO 400 (i think). Shot near Lebanon, Missouri…
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Derelicts on my brother-in-law's farm in central Saskatchewan... (X-T10 + 18-55)
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He jump to serve and protect the Nation…
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I like my X100 but that 35mm FOV always seems like its neither here nor there. I'm forever standing in the wrong spot when I shoot with it. I'm kinda surprised that Fuji never bothered to put out an X100 variant with something like a 40 or 50mm FOV. Now that would be something I could really get into, although I expected the X70 to be a big hit so what do I know?…
X-H1 with 16-55 f2.8
Edit using Alien Skin Exposure X3
1: ISO 200 41.4 mm f3.2 1/500 sec
2: ISO 200 17mm f6.4 1/125 sec
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I've had the camera less that a month and absolutely love it after coming from a T-10. This weekend I went to an MLB game, and since cropping was to be an issue, chose to shoot in RAW/JPEG Fine. I got home and found my LR 6 stand alone editor would not process the RAF files. I know Adobe isn't any updates to the stand alone anymore so I am looking for a new editor for my photos. Any suggestions? Only caveat is I've used LR for 10 years and loved its interface and tools but not enough to give them $10 month for features I'd never use. Is there anything similar to LR out there?
What's your favorite and why?…
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I did a search and found the Please login or register to view linkson renting cameras and lenses. It was from 2015. Mainly wanting to see if anything has changed in three years.
I need to rent a second X-T2 or H1 with battery grip. I may also rent a 16-55mm as well. Only need them for three days which is what Fujifilm pro rentals currently offers. For reference, I have a 50-140mm and 56 1.2. No video, just photos.
Who is your favorite and will any other companies allow a three day period?…
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I make no secret to being an opportunist snap shooter with glitches which preclude serious photography .
I have admitted that I bought my new X-Pro1 because it was cheap @ £318 , but in fairness, having found it so perfect to handle in a store , I would have paid up to £650 , with the 27mm , except , with a Malaysia Holiday booked it was unlikely to happen unless I got shot of the Leica M8 pretty quickly !
Even more fortunately , I need just a further typical , quality , kit lens , and was able to find an X-M1 16-50 making a total of less than that £650 .
The X-T1 18-55 is very much the icing on the cake .
Still under £1000 part of which the M8 will reimburse . Yes , it has survived to date , it's still a neat camera , even with USSR lenses and a CV 35 F2.5
Of course the X-Pro1 quirks don't bother me - I am just thrilled to be fortunate to share in , what for me , is Fuji magic .
It is very different chancing a career on an untried camera @ £1450 plus those lenses .
it's a frightening amount to lay out .
I assume that there was much invested in , I assume , Canon or Nikon , so to switch to what could be considered an unknown quantity seems a fairly brave step for that 1st generation system .
i am full of gratitude from one who follows , without you , I would never have found that discarded X-Pro1 , but query the reasons behind that choice .
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Click on the link below the photo to hear what inspired this title.
Fuji X-T1, ISO 200, 1/180ss, 56mm lens f2.8 Yongnuo speedlight in softbox to camera right.
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Sorry about the "urgent" bit, but I am going to the Godox shop today, so looking for advice.
I am convinced that Godox is what I want and I have already bought an V860iiF and I have a paid gig for event photography and want to buy some extra flash units. I have sold my 3 Nikon Speedlights so I have money in the till.
I am planning on using X-H1 as main camera and XPRO-2 as second camera. The client is organising some rental LED Soft Panels, and I have 3x Manfrotto 6' light stands.
I am tossing up the following questions:

  1. Do I buy more V860iiF units, which will allow for putting them on cameras, or do I go for a couple of Wistro units for use on stands?

  2. Should I use a Flash trigger on camera (and buy 2 - one for each body) or should I use V860iiF as Master on camera and have that provide fill

I only want high capacity Lithium powered units as I can't rely on mains near the flash and there will be about 150 guests milling around so I don't want people tripping over leads.
My current thinking is the following (your comments invited):

  1. Buy 2x Xpro-F triggers (or should I get X1F instead as they are cheaper and smaller, or one of each?). That way the cameras have less bulk and can utalise all flash units by remote trigger.

  2. Buy 2x Wistro units (which one?) and use my existing V860ii as 3rd on 3 flash stands

  3. What light modifiers

Well, the X-T1 and X-Pr01 are getting a new toy. I ordered a new 35 1.4 today. I read so many good things about this lens I can't wait to it to arrive so I can get busy!…
I will be hosting an ASMP Meetup (non-members are welcome). This is our casual fourth Friday Meetup. The main purpose is for photographers and those in allied fields to meet socially and discuss technical or business related challenges.
Our theme next week is "what would you like to be getting out of ASMP in Austin?"
When: 11:30am,
Friday July 27, 2018
Where: Brentwood Social House
1601 W. Koenig Lane
Austin, TX 78756
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Order your food and drink at the counter. You will find us in the room to the right (West)…
I'm having issues with the EXP Comp. I have everything set on manual (at least I think I do) but the EXP Comp is constantly changing/adjusting automatically. In fact I can't even change it when I use the front or back dial.
I read the thread below, but this seems like a different issue...maybe it's not, but I can't figure out how to make it stop adjusting.
Am I'm completely missing something here?
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If you regularly post here on the forum. Then every time you make a choice which photos you want to show. But actually all photos are worthy of a topic. So therefore today a topic with the "Leftovers" of the last 14 days.
There are 10 photos. 2 in the first post and 4 & 4 in the 3rd and 4th post.
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We are lucky to live near this beautiful garden and get a season pass every year. It is always changing and always beautiful. These are hand held with the 100-400 @ 5.6 , 1/90 and 1/210, a little slower than I usually aim for but sometimes you get lucky.
rufus and dragon.jpg
rufus and dragon-3.jpg
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I was driving to a park in Yonkers, NY when I came across this Carnival before it opened. The gentlemen in the image was nice enough to let me walk around for a short time, some images follow. Some others images posted as a reply. Thanks for looking!!
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Hi everyone, I am an argentinean photog and new on this forum, so please excuse me and correct if I got any mistake. I need any help /suggestion possible on an issue with an XT-1 error.
While working on assignament I tried to set at custom 2 white balance and after pressing set, my camera got mad making noises as if it were shooting and inmediatly get the error " ! turn off the camera and turn it on again". I did this task several times and nothing changed, proved taking lens, battery, memory card but remains doing the same every time I turn it on. Continue doing a shutter noise for 2-3 seconds and then displayed the error not allowing acces to navigate the menu.
Aprecciate any suggestion on tryin to solve or reset the hole camera.
Thanks very much…
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