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Ginger Lily.
Hearty and persistent, wonderful fragrance but I'm allergic to them.
Ginger Lily-1.JPG
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I have tried finding a solution for this but can't find it anywhere. I seem to have done something and can't change the exposure compensation on my X-H1. I have tried everything and searched this site too nothing is working. When I press the EC button and I see that its selected on the screen and use the wheel nothing happens changed the wheel in the button setting its still stuck at -1 1/3.
Does anyone know what I should do?…
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Mike Johnston, The Online Photographer, has an interesting take on Fuji and Nikon, comparing their offerings and musing about vision and strategy. It's here:
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Can you transfer photos fro my XT-3 to my IPad Pro and if so how. I tried cable from camera to IPad but nothing happened.
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I've recently acquired a Meike 25mm f1.8 to mount with my fuji XE Camera, however I find it quite soft even on f8, also I've a small problem I am counting on Focus Peaking and magnification lens, the issue when I set it to f8 the focus peaking is not showing anything heighlighted even for objects ranges from 15 meters up to infinity,it responds only when I put the aperture to f < 5.6 .
Anyone has noticed this behavior?
Thanks in advance…
Hi everyone,
I've recently moved to the fuji x world, looking forward to grasp a lot of things…
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Sometimes we get lucky. I live near the Blue Mesa Reservoir which is west of Gunnison, CO. Last year we had minimal snow putting us in near drought conditions for much of this year. These photos were taken from what should be 50' or deeper under water. You can see high waterline in the upper right.
XT2/ 23mm f2/ ISO 200 f8
These are HDR shots bracketed correct exposure/1 under/2 under, otherwise highlights were blown out. The colors in real time are essentially what you see here (my wife took photos with her iPhone, I was concerned I over did the saturation. Her iPhone photos were very similar in the clouds but black in the river bottom). The sky was amazing.
Photos are 5 minutes apart.
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I love looking out the cut glass sidelights beside our entry door. This morning, the sky is a brilliant blue and the sun is shining on a bright yellow/orange tree diagonally across the street. I can just see the tree from the sidelight.
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I have an X Pro2 at home, but I can't stop using my X100F. It goes everywhere and produces my best work.
When visiting Northwest Arkansas in Oct, I saw this barn an the way to the airport....I'm glad I stopped.
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Hi All,
I just tried taking some video clips and when I play them back there is no sound. Any ideas as to why this might be? I did not change any of the factory settings in the video menu.
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I found this old kind car in Moscow. It is a Soviet Moskvitch 407 that was produced between 1956 and 1965 in different modifications.
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Hello all!
X-T2/23mm f1.4
I’ve an event to video next week. It’s an evening event function. They want it slow mo capturing people networking/drinking etc.
I took a walk over there the other day to scope out the venue. I usually shoot slow mo at 5x24/120fps and a shutter speed of 250th (the old double the frame rate theory).
The issue I had was that I didn’t really want to go over 800ISO and having now been to the room I just wasn’t getting anywhere near a decent exposure with that combination.
As it happened I saw a YouTube video that morning where a guy was talking about using the same shutter speed as the frame rate when you really need to get it. Despite it seemingly being not the thing to do I tried it and to my eye at least it seemed to work OK.
Does anyone have any hints or tips about this kind of work. Would you advise against using the method above, if so why? Why do people say you can end up with a whole load of unusable footage?
Cheers for now,…
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Victoria BC
1. X-T10 + 55-200
2. Canon 7DMII + EF 70-300mm L
Cattle Point.jpg
Hey all!
Yesterday was a very pretty day here in The Netherlands: sunny, clear skies, with the forecast that it would stay that way through the night (as it happens, this morning was foggy and clouded, but never mind). I thought it would be the perfect night to do some startrails, and selected one of the city gates of the city of Leiden as my location (one of the few places that faced north, had something of interest and where I was able to include Polaris in my image).
To be able to get a well-exposed image of the gate itself and to be able to remove airplane trails (we are close to Amsterdam Airport), I decided to take short exposures (around 20s) and stack them in photoshop. It's more work behind a computer screen than I usually care to do, but most of the times it's worth it. Turned out to be quite tricky, as the lights on the gate were quite bright compared to the sky. In the end, after a lot of photoshop trickery, this was the result. I'd have liked to see more stars, but we are in a light polluted area, and I couldn't expose too much or the gate would have been one bright light..
Hope you like it (to make it worth the frozen toes).
Fujifilm X-T2 and Samyang 12 mm. Around one hour of exposures…
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Just got a new XT3 and for some reason I can't select an aspect ratio (in the menu this is called "Image size". The manual says that the options may change based on shooting mode but I'm not sure what selection I may have that is preventing the option to choose 16:9 (or 3:2 for that matter). Does anyone have any experience/suggestions. Thank you…
Prospector Chris Bogusis, Beechworth Victoria, Australia
(Youtube VoGus Prospecting)
Fuji XT-2 / 56 1.2 / 250@f8 / 200 ISO
PTE Singh, PTE Abrahams, PTE Singh and PTE Lord.
Australian Army, Wodonga Victoria 2018
(XT-2 16 1.4 / 250@f8 / 100 ISO)
Due to temperature inversion we have a very dense blanket of fog these days between the alps an the Jura.
You may see the blue sky at altitudes over 1000 and on some days over 1200m.
(Fujifilm X-T1 with 50mm/F2
3_over the blanket of fog.jpg
3_border of blanketof fog.jpg
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Goldfield Mine 231.jpg
Fuji X-T1, ISO 250, 1/1400ss, aperture priority, 18-55mm lens f4.5 at a focal length of 55mm…
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Hi there,
What I'm going to ask is clearly something I can only decide but I think I could really benefit from the hints of people more expert than me here.
Here's the situation. I bought a used X-E1 a while back, loved it at first, but then I have found its overall slow speed rather annoying.
Then I bought a used X-E2, this time it felt better but then it showed problems and it's not fun shooting in the streets when the camera doesn't turn on. It's going to a friend of mine who knows what he's getting.
So, I'm now left with no rangefinder-like cameras. The only working camera left is an X-T10. I like it but I don't feel it, in fact, I didn't use it for almost a year and used the two X-Es in the meantime.
And now I'm wondering: should I buy a new X-Pro2, which is the camera I really wanted for quite a while now?
According to the rumors, next X-Pro won't hit the market before 2020. It's two years, not a lot, not a short time either. Initially, I thought I should wait for the pro3 because, you know, new sensor and what not. Plus, that ISO dial in the pro2 is debatable, but I know there are workarounds and I'm probably going to be fine with it.
The thing is, I was rather fine with the X-E2 but I don't want to buy another used camera: I spent time learning them, time fine-tuning them (there were some serious spots on the sensors and lots of hot pixels), customizing them, getting used to them and in the end there were problems.
A brand new X-Pro2 is not cheap. If I buy it then in two years we get the X-Pro3 and bam! GAS!
What would you do?…
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Happy to share the photos I took on my way back home to my island, Batam from Singapore. Before leaving my home in the morning for Singapore, I thought it would be good idea to take night cityscape of Singapore from the sea, on a ferry sailing at around 20 knots and the lens for this scenario would be great to shoot with 55-200mm. You gotta love the lens!!!
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Why does my profile photo have the word "Starter" in a banner across it yet next to it, with my name, are the words "Premium Member"? I've been a frequent poster to the forum for a few years now…
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XT-2 & 18-135mm…
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I've had my XT3 for about a month and a half and love the camera for the most part, but I recently compared some youth soccer pics I took with it to some I took with my old Nikon D3 earlier this year, and the pics from the D3 absolutely smoke the XT3 in every way possible. What am I doing wrong here?
I would post an XT3 and a D3 pic for comparison, but I noticed the forum rules only allow one picture per thread so I'll just post the XT3 pic here. This isn't an apples to apples comparison at all because they were taken on different days in different light, and processed differently. My XT3 pic required a much higher ISO than my D3 pic, even though the light was comparable.
This is the XT3 with the Fuji 50-140 2.8 lens, shot at 1/1000th @ f/6.4 @ ISO 1250. RAW file processed through Iridient X-Transformer and then Lightroom. It looks really noisy and bad to me. The SOOC JPG's look similar to my processed raw.
For comparison, the Nikon D3 image from an earlier game was a D3 with a 70-200 2.8 lens, 1/2500 @ f/5.6, ISO 400. It looks perfectly sharp with bold color and no noise of any kind. I just used the SOOC jpg with light edits in Lightroom.
Any shooting/editing tips? I want this camera to work for me, but I'm getting way more noise than I'm used to in a lot of my shots.
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Just replaced my old, worn X-T1 yesterday with a shiny new X-T3. Yay!!!
Lots of new stuff to acquaint myself with especially since I skipped the X-T2.
One feature that I don't think I'll be using is the touch screen in shooting mode. Even after setting it up with the features you want, it's just too easy to activate something by accident, even with the mode indicator in the top right set to off. It's great for playback though.
Making comparisons with the LCD screens of the 2 cameras, I notice that the image displayed on the screen of the X-T1 is actually a little bigger than the X-T3 by approx 2 mm in width and 1mm in height. Not much to quibble about, but....??
Anyway, I'm hoping the rain will stop soon so I can get out and shoot more than some test shots…
For those interested in shooting weddings this lengthy video might give you a few ideas or at least show how much work is involved. Julie and Damien Lovegrove demonstrate how they went about shooting what was probably a high priced wedding. This video is about 9 years old when they were both shooting Canon (not sure about Julie but Damien is now shooting Fuji) however the basic ideas are the same. It covers the day of the shoot and their interaction with the bride and groom as well as their guests, then presenting the images to the couple and preparing the album of high quality signed images for delivery. While you may never shoot something like this, note how they pay attention to the details such as the rings, flowers, invitations, and seating cards etc. at the reception. If you fast forward to about the 1 hour 19 minute mark you can see how Damien processes some of the images and his thought processes behind how he decides what adjustments to make. In the past they sold these tutorials as part of their training seminars however now you can watch it for free on Youtube.
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Hi, have playing around with "custom white balance" settings on mt X-T1, i see there are 3 sets of "CUSTOM" white balance settings available on this camera. Can anyone tell me if these SAME options are available on the X-PRO1 as i was thinking of buying one. Thank,s in advance, Mike
Hope you can understand my question, as i,m not very good explaining thing,s cheer,s…
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Made the camera much nicer to use, hated the viewfinder being so close to the main body…
1. Stray wheat growing amongst foxtails in the elbow of a ditch (Canon 7D + EF 300L + 1.4x Extender III)
2. Derelict barn in canola field (Canon 5DMII + EF 16-35mm L)
Hi, could any of you owners of the 80mm macro please take a look at the linked video and tell me if the jittery noise is normal? It’s like this with OIS turned off too, pre-af is off and it does it whether in single, continuous or manual. It stops when previewing images or when the lens is completely still. Also is a whirring noise in addition to the expected 'thunk' when powering up. Lens just arrived. Many thanks.
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Recently I sent for sale four Fujinon lenses to a reputable online dealer, a 16mm 1.4, 23mm 1.4, 56mm 1.2 and a 18-55mm. Today I was told by the dealer after inspection that the 16mm was OK and I was given an extra £20. However the 23mm and the 56mm apparently show moisture inside those lenses, to say I’m disappointed is obvious. Also the 18-55 has a marked front element. These lens repairs will be at my expense until they come back to the dealer I won’t see what I was offered! I saw no such damage upon dispatch.
Now I have to wait for two weeks to see what the bill will be! Unfortunately this means my divorce from Fuji ain’t over yet!
OK venting over till I get the bill…
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In March 2017
WB FUJX2464_C1X.jpg
And last week: (pano of 7 images)
Both taken with the X-T20…
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