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Had a beautiful day near Hole in the Wall in Olympic National Park.
10 second exposure
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Anyone have experience with general repair costs on an X-T1? My EVF has a loose connection - if I squeeze both sides of the 'hump' I can often get it to work, but it's unreliable to say the least. Just uncertain if the repair costs are worth considering vs. putting the money towards an X-T2/3/X-H1 etc…
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Recently I stopped to work with this lens after I tried to update the firmware from 1.0 to 1.02. It happened an accident when I started the update. The problem occurs by my fault, I unfortunately interrupted the process because the battery fall down when I moved accidentaly. So, unhappy updated. Since then, that lens never works. It doesn't focus anything, and appears an error on screen Of Please login or register to view links, saying: " ! Please Turn Off the Please login or register to view links and swtich On again" and also blinking a red light near the button DISP BACK. I turned Off many times and started again at the beginning, but it doesn't work. I'd love to resolve this problem or get the old version of firmware Of this lens - FUJINON XF90 mm F2 R WR - The 1.0 - the old version - original - and trying again the update, but very very careffuly with a file ****.DAT in a Empty SD card and full battery, without any interruptions. I'm very sad about this, because I love this lens and it never
dropped down ... never. Only an accident happened when I was updating the firmware ... just it. If anyone knows how can I solve this problem, please: HELP-ME !!
Thanks for your attention. Regards…
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Travel photographer Mike Browne has been using a Fuji X-T1 for a little over a year now and has done a few videos with that body. Here he discusses and compares the 18-55 ( one of my favorite Fuji lenses of which I have one on each of the three bodies I may grab as I head out for the day) to the 16-55mm lens. Mike is just one of a growing number of professional photographers who are relying on variable focal length lenses (zooms for those born after 1970) for their professional work. Some will agree with what he says and some will not.
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Sometimes it doesn't pay to look in the mirror when you are cleaning your teeth. :D
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I follow instructions carefully. Charged battery. No lens. Formatted disk. Using good card reader. My current firmware is 3.4. I'm flummexed by the instructions that if you are using a Mac with Firefox that you must hold Command, Shift, and R key down. So I do that and click on download latest version for X-Pro1 and click agree to Fuji terms agreement. After that the downloading wheel in browser window whirls for up to 5 minutes.
So I tried just clicking on download proper upgrade for my camera and click on "Agree" and I get a download of upgrade that ends with .Dat. Drag downloaded file to memory card. Place card into camera and turn on camera and push Display/Back button and see window for upgrade from 3.4 but it does not state from 3.4 to 3.8, as shown in UTube demos. I click on "ok? and I see "BODY" and I click Ok. Then i get "New Firmware Not Be Found. Turn off camera." Tried this many times and same result. What am I doing wrong?…
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From Saturday Market, Portland, OR
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...continued in subsequent post(s)
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I had one of these intervalometers for my X-T1 and it only partially worked. Is there a Shutterboss Intervalometer or equivalent brand that is compatible with the X-T2. I would prefer that it works with a cable rather than wireless. Thanks…
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Images captured through the windshield of my car on a rainy day. Image #1 has only minor adjustments; image #2 adjusted to become more abstract.
X-T2, 35mm f/1.4
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Just had my old XE1 converted to Full Spectrum IR by Protech Photographic in Uckfield, UK.
Very good service, camera back in less than a week and working nicely. Cost £250+VAT.
So now the question is which filters (nm or filter type) do you find most useful on a camera converted to Full Spectrum IR? If you can post example pictures that would be really good.
I have a Zomei variable cut filter as well as some standard IR filters 720nm, 850nm.
I also have another XE1 that is dedicated to 665nm IR which I really lke.
Suggestions please.
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Hey guys, I was recently looking for solutions to carry all my fuji stuff around town and for travel.
How do you handle that?
What do you think about the general differnce between backpacks and messenger stlye bags?
I discovered that messenger bags can work pretty good for fuji stuff on a youtube video:#

appreciate your input
thanks, John…
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This plane passed over twice this morning I think it may have took off from Van Nuys airport. I've never seen one like it before .
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X-T2 + XF 35mm f2 the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.
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X-T2 + XF 35mm f2 manual, just up the rd from the Clock Tower Brighton.
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X-T2 + XF 35mm f2 taken in a Church at the bottom of West Street Brighton.
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X-T2 and Xf55-200mm from a couple of weeks ago.
Thanks for looking,
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Just a simple snap of a local church at Folkestone Kent UK with the never completed bell tower. As you can see in the snap there is only one bell when in fact there should have been two. Apparently as with a lot of things finance ran out before the second bell could be purchased.
X-T2, 18-55mm Lens, 1/500th @ F5.6, ISO-200, Handheld.
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Thank you for looking.,
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Picturesque but invasive, non-native species that sucks moisture from the soil.
Thanks for looking,
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I´m pretty sure this is a dumb question but I haven´t been able to find the answer so here it goes. I am trying to enter a picture I took into a local contest, however they only take files in the 8 to 16 megapixel range, and my picture was taken at full resolution with my x-t2 so its 24 megapixels.
I have tried exporting it both smaller in megabytes (below 15mb) and at 160 dpi but apparently neither of these results in a lower megapixel count, so the question is how can I export a full size 24mp raw file into something smaller than 16mp?
Again sorry if this is a really dumb question but would really appreciate some help…
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This is my very first vlog video using the Yi Action camera, so yes I am not a pro in this domain, just trying.
I used Corel Video Studio X10 for editing.
I am uploading Part 2 tonight as upload speed is slow here.
Video taken in 1080p with 35mb/s mod but output from Video Studio 15mb/s
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X100F Lawn of UIC Molecular Biology Research Building
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Taking a walk in the grounds of Dyffryn House (National Trust, Vale of Glamorgan) the other day I took a few shots with the X-T1 plus Samyang 12 of the view back towards the House. On getting home I realised that I'd taken it from exactly the same spot as I'd done exactly 57 years previously when on a 6th form residential course when the House was in the hands of the local authority. That photo had been taken with a Zeiss Signal Nettar folding camera (built 1953) on b/w Verichrome Pan 2 1/4 x 3 1/4" 120 film of 8 exposures per film.
I scanned the 1961 print for comparison. What immediately struck me was the compression of distance on the old print - the Zeiss Novar-Anastigmat "standard" lens had, incredibly, a 105mm focal length and an aperture of f/4.5, so far more detail of the house is present despite what might have been slight camera shake - old folding cameras were bulky, awkward in shape and difficult to hold steady - tripods were for professionals. It also struck me that the equivalent of a 12 mm Samyang was beyond imagining for hobby photographers at that time and I'd never heard of interchangeable lens cameras although some probably existed. Anyway, here they are and if anyone's got similar comparative shots with observations from many years ago please put them up!
Dyffryn House January 1961 Zeiss Novar-Anastigmat 105mm f/4.5 1/60
Dyffryn House, Jan 1961.jpg
Dyffryn House January 2017 Samyang 12mm 1/100 sec @ ? ISO-200
Dyffryn with Fountain 5 small.jpg
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Captured this image of my Daughter and her Husband with my x100T. Processed in LR & Nik Silver Effects Pro.
Thanks for looking.
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Hi Folks,
I'm experimenting with my X-T2 for video but wondering what are some favorite settings for video shooters. Hopefully folks will talk about SS, autofocus modes, etc. for close, medium and wide shots. Please share any tips and tricks along with video links if you got them. Thanks!…
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My wife and I just returned from the ShipHop 2018 I love the 90's Hip-Hop cruise. It was 4 days of concerts with the biggest stars of 90's hip-hop and R&B, which my wife convinced me to go. It ended up being a great time with so many great shows put on by the artists. Amusingly, one of the main photographers for the cruise was using a pair of X-T2's. I noticed that he was using the 18-55mm, 35mm f/2, 18-135mm and 56mm. I did see him check out my X-Pro2 with Mitakon 35mm f/0.95, red shutter button and Lensmate thumb grip a few times. As always, more Please login or register to view links.
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Hello all. I did a little write up about the Pentax67 105mm 2.4 Adapted to the GFX. Stop by and check it out. Thanks again.
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I wasn't very active with my photography last year but I am getting a revived interest .
Here are a few I took recently at a local pond.
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Good light in the parking garage this morning. Shot through my windshield with the X100F in RAW and edited in LrCCC using ACROS +R.
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This week, I've decided to work with the Fuji 60mmF2.4 lens for my week of prime task (last week it was the 35mmF2). Took a little stroll along the C&O canal and the Potomac river to Harpers Ferry, one of my favorite places.
2018-01-15 at 13-54-37.jpg
I'll include more photos in the thread. Thanks for looking!…
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Zone 6, 4x5 Velvia, Schneider 210, Approximately 15-20 years ago.
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Near Terrebonne, OR, in the high desert east of the Cascades. Snow covered cone of Mt. Jefferson at left.
Thanks for looking,
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I have had more Fuji lens caps pop off, in bag or on strapped camera, than any camera before. The caps just don't grip the lens threads for me.
Solution for me has been to buy two dirt cheap lens filters for that lens size, i.e. 43mm or 72mm, and thread them together with a piece of paper between then to block the view. Screw them together very tight, maybe a touch of silicon sealer, so they stay together.
Then mount them in place of the cap. Don't have to turn them tight as there are several threads available…
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XF16-55mmF2.8 R
ISO 1600, f11
Check out my Please login or register to view links gallery…
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My dog Riley is always following me around underfoot.
1Lookin up.jpg
1 Riley 1-14-2018.jpg
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Canon 135mm f3.5 "Chrome Nose" and 50mm f1.8 S.C. on X-T1
1 Canon 50.jpg
1 Canon 135.jpg
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Hello I haven't been a member here long but I went to my personal profile to fill in some details but my birthdate had already been filled in . I don't know who entered it in but it wasn't me and I asked one of the administrators and he doesn't have a clue either !
Has this happened to anyone else ?? Once it is filled in you have to have an administrator to undo what is already there.
The most bizarre and puzzling thing about this is that the birthdate that was entered happens to be my mothers exact birthdate ????? Is this strange or am I in the twilight zone ?…