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Seriously, I got the idea to photograph such old hand-painted ads 45 years ago, but I never followed through with it. Now there is some guy (with a very brief photo “career”) set out to do the same, with backing from Adobe, and he calls them “ghost signs.” Over the years I have spotted and noted many many of these ads... just need to get on with it. These three were taken on my road trip Wednesday (mentioned in “The Woods” thread elsewhere), simply because they were on my route. More to come. X-E2 (1 & 2 shot with XF-55-200; 3 with XF100-400)

mercantile_B.jpg mercantile_A.jpg madison_candy.jpg
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..and quite a few of them. DP2M

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X-T2, 23mm f/1.4




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Weary of the subject matter around home and haven’t taken many pix the past couple of months (focused on editing & organizing), so I took a 230-mile road trip a couple days ago. Stopped for a break on a very narrow backroad, looked to my left and saw this rotting stump. After shooting that, I looked across the road in a partially frozen swamp and spotted this animal den, probably used for winter hibernation. By the size of the entrance, I’m guessing it is/was occupied by a racoon, opossum, or a woodchuck (foxes and coyotes don’t hibernate here). This location is close to a place I lived for three years, and I know of a wild blueberry patch nearby... way too early for those fruits though. :) X-E2, XF55-200.

rotten_stump.jpg animal_den.jpg
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While I know the RAW file name/numbers may not be an exact reflection of the shutter count, the fact that the first few images I took on the camera started above seven thousand, does that mean I got a camera that someone likely returned after heavy use?
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I've had my X-T1 for about three years, and just recently picked up an X-T2. I sent the X-T1 in because the rubber cover/grip on the camera is peeling off from all the hot/humid places I took the camera to. I was quoted $140 for the parts/labor and $20 for return shipping. Is that worth it? I would just sell the X-T1 anyway, but I didn't want to sell something with the rubber peeling off.

Interested in hearing yall's thoughts.
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Looking for a website that manages your images and allows visitors to order professional quality photo prints.
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Hi all

I was wondering if anybody has used, or if there is even any 3rd party batteries for the xt2?

Failing that... is it possible to use xt1 batteries?

I'm not fussed if they are compatible with my grip or not. I have a job on Tuesday and Wednesday and have one battery. There seems to be a shortage of fuji ones!

Thanks in advance
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anyone know how to do it?
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Just a shot taken at Hythe Kent UK of an old Tin Tabernacle that is still in use. Not many of these old constructions about these days and even rarer to find one still being used.

[​IMG]Old Tin Tabernacle-0648 by G.K.Jnr., on Flickr

Thank you for looking.,

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Using back button focus in MF mode, framing on my zoom lens remains stationary while the camera focuses. To achieve correct framing I have to half press the shutter. I assume there's a way of using back button focus and correct framing simultaneously?
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Just a candid street style shot taken at Canterbury Kent UK of a young man with his guitar doing a bit of street playing.

[​IMG]Muso (6)-0007 by G.K.Jnr., on Flickr

Thank you for looking.,

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In this setting:

Save Data Settings> Edit File Name>

You are able to change the default file name, but it is extremely limited. You only have 4 characters to work with. Is there no way to expand this option? If not, IMHO is a clear oversight and should be changed via firmware. It would be a lot easier to have my file names be named before and not have to rename them later. Capture One for some reason, makes it really complicated to change file names in a batch when it comes to output. But, I don't want to get into that.

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Yesterday I was taking pictures in the bright sun using my XF50 f/2 lens in aperture priority mode with the ISO set to A. When I shot wide open the shutter speed went up to 23000 and the ISO was automatically set to 400. I don't understand why the camera would not have automatically set the ISO to 200. Is there a reason for this?
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I just switched to the Fuji system XE-2 and looking for a Portrait lens that is NOT heavy and Excellent IQ
Thanks Dennis
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All taken with the XT2 10-24mm

Thanks for looking.

Thirlmere 2.1Second Shutter @f14 ISO200

Thirlmere 4.3Second Shutter @f18 ISO200

Grasmere 10second Shutter @f18 ISO200
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Tony Phillips - photographer, author and educator - would like to visit Israel.
Tony is the author of many photography books - both specialised guides to specific cameras and also general photography education.
He is generally concerned the best independent instructor on Fujifilm cameras.
More details about Tony

Tony would like to visit Israel and conduct two separate seminars and I am trying to assess the interest in participating.

1. Fujifilm Cameras (1-day)
everything for the Fuji owner (and also for the potential owner) - learn how to make maximum use of your Fuji camera

2. Advanced Photography Seminar (2-days)

Both seminars will be taught in English
Participation will be limited to about 30 participants
(Absolutely no commitment at this stage)
Would you be interested in a seminar during the week?
Day? Evening?
Location - Jerusalem? Tel Aviv?

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Good stuff for a mirrorless system.
Need to find the perfect position to use the hand strap, but overall good stuff.

Because the straps are sold only in USA, for Portugal buyers, the fees are ridiculous, more than 40% of the value paid for the set.

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A few weeks ago I asked for ideas and suggestions for a first visit to New York. Well 2 weeks ago I was there and a week ago I got back with about 1500 images to process!

I've been working my way through gradually and here are a few that I'm pleased with on first impressions.

I was there for a Knicks game and a blizzard, had a brilliant time every day and was glad that I'd decided to buy an Xpro2 for the trip. The weather proofing on the Brooklyn Bridge in a snowstorm was very worthwhile!

I'd appreciate constructive criticism and have more to say and show about the trip if people are interested.


[​IMG]I heart NY by Christopher Miles, on Flickr

[​IMG]Pastel stride by 1 by Christopher Miles, on Flickr

[​IMG]Dog in Grand Central by Christopher Miles, on Flickr

[​IMG]Quality cap by Christopher Miles, on Flickr

[​IMG]6th Avenue by Christopher Miles, on Flickr
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My attempt at product photography of a Vodka bottle table setup.

X30 on auto, handheld. LED light bouncing back off a white foam board.

A bit of pp with Snapseed.

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KC Classic Auto at lunch time.

X-T1, 35mm F2, one off camera speedlight.

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[​IMG]_XT20192 by Michael Teresko, on Flickr

I went out to the Lake Merritt Garden Center here in Oakland to shoot some more plants and flowers, and found this guy walking around the grounds. His owner showed up next, they were out for a walk I guess. Pretty awesome lens...
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Tulips are in bloom...
Fuji X-T2, 35mm, f/1.4 (my favorite lens!)

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Apparently fujifilm prices in canada are going up once again, in May some time. This comes from a local fujifilm dealer. Some of the less expensive primes will be going up about $50, while larger, more expensive units such as the 50-140 and 100-400 as much as $200. No idea on X bodies. I am not sure if prices are going up anywhere else, or if it is just canada that gets to have this pleasure.
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I have an X-T1 and enjoy using legacy lenses. It wasn't until I was watching a movie about a french videographer who filmed in colour but viewed the scene in B&W on his camera that I realised if I could do this in my manual focus setup I would be able to nail focus a tad better. Low and behold you can. I now view my image in B&W which allows the red marching ants of focus to stand out, whilst still actually taking the image in RAW.
I know a lot of others will have already worked this out, but I am obviously slow to this setup :(
I posted this as I am sure there are others like me that will find this tip helpful.
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XT2 and XF60mm last Fall.

Thanks for looking,
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XT2 and XF55-200mm at a city park taking a break from driving on the way home last fall.
B&W conversion in PS CC 2017.

Thanks for looking,
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To be fair, anything but. X-Pro2 and 16-50mm. Post processing with X-Transformer and Photoshop

[​IMG]House Reflection by Andy Mulhearn, on Flickr

Out of interest, I've seen threads at DPReview where the Fuji OOC Jpegs have been criticised. This was shot RAW+Fine and the only reason I didn't use the camera jpeg was that, would you believe, it got the white balance spot on. Which meant the shot lost all of the golden hour glow...
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Hi all,

Any members from Belfast or in the Northern Ireland area? I am most likely coming out for a business trip to Belfast and I was hoping to take a few extra days and get some photography done as well. I have never been to Ireland and my wife may accompany me. The majority of the time I will have to work during the day. Any suggestions on place to go and visit? I would love to go to some nice coastal areas but I am not going to have any transportation while I am working. Not sure about hiring a car. Any suggestions would greatly appreciated. My wife and I both shoot with Fuji cameras.

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Practising wih the xf 100-400
f6.5 s125 iso800
Through a window

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Practising with the xf 100-400
f6.5 1:60 ISO 250

Next time I would increase ISO and shutter speed
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Part of my new 'everyday things' series of photography;

Strike the pose

[​IMG]Strike the pose by APM Photography, on Flickr

XT1 - XF55-200 - iso 500 - @ f/4.7
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