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We're having an unusually early Spring (set 5 temp records for February), and all the plants seem to think it's mid March. Went over to the park today and mounted my macro lens on my X-T2 for the first time since I bought the camera.


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I thought I knew enough to figure out what I didn't know in LR but I'm stumped on this one...

I have an import file renaming template that uses the camera model + original file number.

I had two x100s's and never could figure out how to use them in the same template, so I made a second template called x100b. The problem was if I ever forgot to switch import templates, I would screw up my naming and introduce duplicate file names.

Do you have any idea how I could handle this other than the kludge I created?


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I just picked up the X100F that I had ordered. Impressive apparent build quality, of course. Good size and appropriate lens for what I want to use it for. The only problem is that electronically there are so many options and my last significant camera experience was in the film camera age!

I'm looking for a book that will provide guidance as to how to set up the camera and how "best" to use it. I realize that because the "F" is so new, books specifically for it have yet to be published. Any suggestions?
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Hey everyone, I recently bought a used x100t which has been working flawlessly until just today. Not sure if I messed up a setting or if the half pressed shutter button just stopped working, but the camera will no longer focus if I half press the shutter button. If I press it all the way down it will focus quickly then snap the shot. It will not allow me to half press to focus, then recompose and snap the shot. Luckily the AEL/AFL button the back will focus and allow me to focus, then recompose so the camera is still very functional. I have tried resetting the shooting menu and set-up reset in the camera menu and still the half pressed shutter wont work. Am I missing something or just unlucky that my used camera failed on me 1 week after acquiring it?

Thanks in advance!
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I have Adobe CC and have updated both, any suggestions on how to open the files?

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How does the digital teleconverter work exactly? From my understanding, you are taking an image with the 23mm lens and basically the camera crops it so the image you see has the FOV as if it were 35mm or 50mm?
What about the bokeh? I would think that the bokeh of an image digitally teleconverted to 35mm would be different (less bokeh probably?) from the bokeh if you used a TCL lens to 35mm?
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hai all of you
Maybe somebody can help me solve my problem with my instax share, i have instax share sp1 before it was work very fine, but when i try to print some of my picture, the printer doesnt want turn it on, first i thought i need to change the battery and i change the battery to the new one but still doesnt work out.
Anyone in here have a same problem like me?
Please need your help
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I had a chance to check out the new line-up at Samy's in San Francisco yesterday. I'm coming from the perspective of having an X100T and X-T2, and formerly the T10.

It is a much faster, ergonomically rational, and denser feeling camera. It is what you would expect for anyone with experience in the x-trans iii/x processor pro platform, and if you've used lenses that don't have the super fast internal motors on both the current and previous processor generations, you can interpolate the difference in AF from F to T.

I will be upgrading because I can and I'm a geek, but for those of you X100T users, I don't think it is fundamentally quicker even if some things operate faster. I therefore would not recommend upgrading if you're on the fence unless you specifically like X-Trans III image aesthetics, or have ergo pet peeves that the F solves.

On one hand, it is as you'd expect, a big Fuji-X camera, although I found it interestingly awkward. The X-T2 like control deck is there, but I had to think for a moment which hand I should use to push the play button without dropping the camera in front of the Fuji rep. Just me, but it feels like a cousin, not part of the immediate family.

I went to check out out the X1D, too. I believe it is nominally lighter, but it feels considerably heavier than the GFX. I found it operated more...deliberately, shall we say...and I could not believe how "PASM" challenged I've become using the X series. The touchscreen was novel but I prefer my dials.

The Hassie reminds me of the old V series because of its density ("leave know doubt, you are in MF territory!"), whereas the GFX reminds me of the X-Pro1 feel after you've used an X-Pro2. It can feel hollow and "plasticky" because it's lighter than it looks.

This was the camera I was actually most excited about--much to the opposite of popular opinion if we measure by chatter--and I was not disappointed. The speed of the X-Trans III platform is substantial, and without getting into a forum war, it was the one iteration for me where I felt it was objectively fast. My old X-T10 didn't feel quicker than my N90s.

To have all that new technology in a small package, with touchscreen, decent 4k, processor performance, and the same still output as the flagship is incredible. It feels like it should be neutered, and then it's not.

I will be downgrading from the T2; in truth, I should have just waited, but you all know how the weakness sets in.

And finally...
....after all that, it's still plainly clear to me that the X-Pro2 is Fujifilm's finest camera. Its fit, finish, and thought are just that much more refined. This is said having just walked to Samy's from the Leica store. I'd never handled an M series anything before, and it is apparent why they cost so much dough, both in craftsmanship and luxury. Your mileage will certainly vary...

So what did I walk out with? Of course, one box each of Portra 160 and Neopan Acros 100 in 4x5.
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its got the Aperture Dance.
Seems to be OK with the rear screen turned off, should I return it ?
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I am reading the new manual just released for the X-T20. In it's setup menu it gives a choice for s-RGP or Adobe RGP . I use Lightroom for editing in RAW. I know it doesn't matter in RAW but how about when using jpeg? On page 235
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X-T2 10-24 heavily cropped to show the juxtaposition of the T-shirt
Complete chance grab shot while walking down a public garden avenue

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Can anyone tell me if the battery for the XT2 is different than the X100T? I think I should already know it, but before I order, I wanted to ask here for clarification. Also anyone using Wasabi batteries on XT2 with any issues? If the battery is different, can you tell me what the model is and what the Wasabi equivalent would be.
Thanks if you can help!

PS: Any advice about a protective screen for the back LCD?
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A local performing artist photographed under a northern skylight with some subtle fill flash on the left. X-T1 with 35mm f/1.4 at f/4, 1/125 sec, ISO800, Pro Neg Std. Face detection didn't like the accordion, but worked well otherwise.


Same image after RAW conversion in-camera to monochrome. Highlight and shadow tones boosted to Medium-hard.
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Why not both?
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Fujifilm reps were at Samy's Cameras in San Francisco today, so I had a chance to play and "shoot" with the new GFX.

The GFX is everything that you’d expect a medium format professional camera to be; it's clear its extremely well thought-through and is executed to a very high engineering specification. IMHO, it will really be a "game-changer" for the MF professional market, as well as expert enthusiast photographers with MF experience, who truly understand what working with a MF camera means.

You can read more about it in my blog here:

Welcome your comments.

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Introducing the tether shooting software “FUJIFILM X Acquire” compatible with FUJIFILM GFX 50S


Introducing the tether shooting software “FUJIFILM X Acquire” compatible with FUJIFILM GFX 50S
February 22, 2017
FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has announced that it will launch the tether shooting software “FUJIFILM X Acquire (here after X Acquire)” compatible with FUJIFILM GFX 50S (here after GFX 50S).
X Acquire will be available from the FUJIFILM website for free.

X Acquire is tethering software that allows users to connect GFX 50S to a Mac or PC via USB cable for direct transferring and saving of captured images onto the computer.
Users can select file types for saving onto the memory card in the camera, and for transferring and saving onto the computer either in RAW or JPEG format.
X Acquire is also compatible with tether shooting features of FUJIFILM X-T1 and FUJIFILM X-T2.

Software Download

X Acquire will be available from FUJIFILM website for free from February 28, 2017.

Mac OS X / macOS Sierra version
Windows version

GFX 50S will also be supported by the following tethering software with upgraded versions.

・ FUJIFILM Tether Shooting Plug-in PRO for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® ( Windows / Mac )
・ FUJIFILM Tether Shooting Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® ( Windows / Mac )
・ FUJIFILM HS-V5 for Windows®

“FUJIFILM Tether Shooting Plug-in PRO for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom®” and “FUJIFILM Tether Shooting Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom®” enable users to send tethered images directly to Lightroom. “FUJIFILM HS-V5 for Windows®” enables users to “capture”, “select”, and “organize” images as part of their workflow.
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Love the form factor. Very compact. Had some mundane stuff to take care of. Always thought the storage unit had a neat look to it.

So far, so good. I think I'm going to like this lens. X-P2 SOOC JPEG F6.4 ISO1600


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Visited our local bay area to test my friends XT2 and my XE2s. Location is frequently visited by local photographers so its all the same scene. All boils down to the cloud formation that day and pure luck. We waited for the the light to change to get the different moods.




Thanks for viewing. Cheers!
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Can the focus on this lens be calibrated?
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So, really weird issue here. I'm hoping it's not a corrupt memory card, but if it is, that stinks.. But better than a faulty camera, I guess. I'm going to answer my own question now.. I just tried another memory card, and the same issue is occurring. Right now, I've got one card in the X-T2. And, I'm assuming that you only need one card, and not two at any/all times.

I'm shooting RAW only. I've got the "save data set-up" on "sequential" and the SD card is in Slot 1.
When I take the shot, I am able to see the preview right after shooting, and if I press play, the image is there. I can even convert the image to jpg, and then, and ONLY then will any of my apps recognize the file to import. Otherwise, I get a blank looking RAF file, as shown in the screen shots.

It's not the cards. They're fine. I have no idea of what's happening, but this is a new camera and that would be disappointing, to say the least if it was a hardware issue.

I'm hoping it is just a setting that I messed up somewhere along the way?



Screen Shot 1.png

Screen Shot 1.png

Screen Shot.png
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I'd like to start a thread where members can post work done with the recently released XF 50mm f2.

I picked up mine today and tried a few shots with it. For me, it's a new FOV similar to using my manual Nikon 50mm lenses and an adapter. I'm excited to explore it and see where it takes me.

These were shot with an XPRO2 using ACROS at f2.


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I've noticed that in TTL, my framerate seems to drop to maybe 1.5FPS when using on camera flash. This is with autofocus locked and just holding down the shutter in CL or CH. If I switch to Manual on the flash, I get the normal frame rates and the flash will just try and keep up.

Is there any way around this? Shooting dance floors often means firing off 3-5 shots with heavy movement. It's tough to actually time a shot, especially with the XT-2's slower focus and metering. It's not like a DSLR where there is no delay at all... which might be my own settings.

I am using an i60a BTW.
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I am thinking about getting a used XP1 as a backup body and for my wife to use.
With the firmware updates does it come close to the performance of the XP2?
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Have been a high end compact user, mainly Panasonic, since my interest in photography took off. Have for sometime, however, been eyeing larger sensor camera's and finally decided to jump when the X-T20 was anounced. Can't wait for delivery day, but until then will be searching through this site with great interest.
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So it looks like Fuji released a new lens road map today with two new lens on the horizon for 2018. Plus the two x-mount Cine lenses for this year.

The 2018 releases show as an Ultra wide zoom and a Telephoto prime. Nether says exactly what focal length they will be so whats everyones guess?

I could see them doing something like a 10-16mm f2.8 for the ultra wide and maybe a 200mm or 300mm f2.8 prime. Any rumors on what they might actually be?

X Mount Lens Roadmap | Fujifilm Global
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Could you do it? I generally don't like zooms as much as primes but I know deep down that when I travel I become a zoom fan. Last road trip I took my X10 instead off my X-P1 because it had AF and a zoom (I was only using adapted lenses on the X-P1 at that time). Now I have a few native lenses and another road trip coming up and I was thinking I might take the X-P1 this time. Then I started wondering if I should buy an 18-55 for the trip. That said, I actually think that I could do a trip with just one prime because I'm lazy that way.

I think either my 18/2 or 27/2.8 would work (they both would have advantages and challenges) but I think I'd pick the 18/2 because road trips are one of the few times I actually shoot anything wide-angle and the 18 also allows me to get pretty close which I love.

What would you take?
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XP2 100-400, 1600 Iso, 1/100@5.6
Thunderbird park cards-6.jpg
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Does anyone know of a camera store close to JFK airport (not B&H) that might stock the XT2? I will have a layover and I am trying to see what is possible. Also does anyone live in that area of Queen's?
Thanks if you can help!

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We'd like to share some of our recent President's Day weekend Mammoth trip with one body one lens (Pro2 & 10-24mm). Hope you'd enjoy. 01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg
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Sunrise and fog. Digital painting.

Foggy Morn.jpg
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After just 6 weeks, i have sold my x30 but I'm not sure of which way to turn...i used to have a XF-1 and had a romantic memory of how it performed and the images it produced - it was certainly about the look and feel of the images and not about pixel peeping.

Then last year i got the itch for those Fuji colours and the wonderful b&w images Fuji is known for so bought a X30 to throw in the car and have for travel. Just a great looking camera IMO, topped off with a tan leather strap and soft shutter release..perfect..

But something didn't quite gel...I'm not sure what it was...and then i got looking at the X100T and started wondering "oohhh, big sensor" and "oohhh, higher ISO" and "oohhh better IQ...1/32000s...HSS.." etc etc. Of course this is tempered by the fixed lens and not tilting screen ( which i love due to dodgy knees )

So I'm completely stuck..i've trawled a million websites, read reviews, looked at hundreds of pictures and think everything looks great.

But will i get on with it, that's the real question....
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[​IMG]DOT17109.jpg by Dirk Offringa, sur Flickr

X-T1, Asahi Super-Takumar 55mm f2. ISO200, 1/4000th f2.8 (I believe, could have been f2.0 or f4... )
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